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Chuck Warren and his role in 2016

May 21, 2016
2016 has emerged with fury along the election campaign. From a heavy Republican ticket at the year’s beginning to turbulent debates among all candidates, the presidential election cycle has been one wild ride as it winds into the start of summer and nears time for both party conventions. But when you move into smaller markets, smaller campaigns -- state, regional, local -- the fury, the fire, the passion is significantly less, particularly as individuals focus on the tumultuous presidential race. That’s where Chuck Warren comes in. This Managing Director for Silver Bullet LLC and his company strive to ensure face-to-face politics bring candidates to individuals’ front doors and neighborhoods, sharing their stories and campaign promises, educating the public about what they can offer in the potential role. This type of grassroots effort is not only Silver Bullet’s primary goal, but that of Warren and his career.